Sunday, 23 February 2014

School Girl

I'm hooome!! I'm only back since a week and I already had to go to college the whole week! At least I don't have to do much homework yet (the perk of missing half a year). So, I figured I could blog about my school girl outfit. I really like briefcases, especially this flowery one. I found it on Etsy a couple months back, but I only received it last November, because it was sent via sea-mail (from Australia). In addition to that, I just got to use it now, as I couldn't take it to England with me. I'm terrible at packing my suitcase, and even though I try so hard, I always have overweight... (and of course I also did this time). 
This jacket is one of my favourite things this month! I could wear it every single day (I don't by the way. haha), simply because it's velvet! Oh maybe and a little bit because it's easy to combine and goes with pretty much everything. 
I think this outfit is just a simple, basic outfit for normal schooldays. I just realized, that it actually looks a bit like a school uniform... All my life I wanted to go to a school that requires a uniform, but there's not a single uniformed school nearby. When I went to England I was hoping my dream might finally come true. And it didn't. But now I'm kind of glad, to be honest...
Anyways, here's my outfit. Enjoy!

Blouse: MINKPINK / Skirt: American Apparel / Velvet Jacket: from the ebay shop Electric Skinny / Socks: TOPSHOP / Dolly Shoes: TOPSHOP / Briefcase: Vintage Yves Saint Laurent / Phonecase: H&M / Ring: H&M / Nailpolish: Chanel

See you next week, lovelies!

x Sophie.