Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Band Tees and Docs

It's been ages since I wanted to do this post, but I just couldn't sit down and do it, no idea why. It was like when you have to do your homework and you think "I'll do it today" and even though you mean it, you just don't do it. Now I don't want to compare blogging and homework, because there's a hell of a difference! But well, I was very lazy this month. I didn't do half of the things I intended to do; whether it was blogging or getting up on the weekend. 
In spite of everything, here are my London-purchases: band tees and Docs, as advertised.


I know, probably every second person on this planet owns an Unknown Pleasures t-shirt, but I don't care. Joy Division were awesome!!


Appetite for Destruction is one of those albums where every track on it is simply perfect! I love G n' R in general, but Appetite for Destruction is doubtless the best album! 


I know, I've said that before but I love Johnny Rotten! I just had to have that t-shirt! 


I never knew actually, that Dr. Martens made t-shirts like that as well. I know that they have a lot of black and white tees... I think it's just a t-shirt. I think I liked it because it looks as if someone had just randomly written conversations on expensive oil paintings like "Come on, just a quick feel". 

I've wanted a pair of silver Docs for sooooo long now and I'm more than happy to announce that I finally am their proud owner! In comparision to my other Docs, they're much more comfortable, because they're softer, so I did't get any blisters when I wore them for the first time.
I'm so in love with this colour, I can't even describe how much!

If you hadn't guessed it yet, yes, I am crazy about Docs!

x Sophie.

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Essentials

When I moved to England one month ago, I couldn't take most of my things with me. So I had to choose very wisely what to take and what to leave behind. Of course it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it is for me, as I am a terribly indecisive person! I never know what I might need, so I rather take too many things with me, than being desperate because I forgot something I wanted to bring in the first place. And it wasn't only a decision about clothes, shoes or accessoires. When it came to elect my favourite beauty products, I was completely desperate, I must admit. Because I couldn't even take a quarter of the make-up I wanted to. So I had to fix on my absolute all-time favourites. And in this post I want to show you what I chose. And even though I couldn't only make up my mind on one lipstick or one mascara, I only allowed myself to choose one of each for this post. I also brought several eyeliners, but I don't really wear eyeliner very often, so I wouldn't call it an essential.

First of all. My favourite body lotion in the entire world:
BIOTHERM Oil Therapy

There are two main reasons why I love this lotion so much. Firstly it dries very quick, which I find is the most important thing when it comes to body lotion. Secondly it smells so adorable! I wouldn't know how to describe this scent, but it's simply perfect. Also it's a really big bottle, so it lasts pretty long. I didn't take with me when I came here, because it was almost empty, but now I'm really happy to have one again. I just can't live without it.

My number one perfume:
Flora by Gucci

I already have this perfume since a few years and every time I bought a different one, I still ended up buying this one once again. So now, 3 perfume bottles later, it's still my all-time favourite. I even bought a little Travalo-like thing so that I can always carry it around with me. It's really very handy. And it comes with 3 (or four, I don't really remember) little refill bottles. 
If you've ever smelt Flora, you'll know why I love it so much!

What's inside my make-up bag?

Love my striped make-up bag by Henri Bendel New York!


The mascara I used at the moment is called Babydoll by YSL and I have it in black. I never use any other colours than black mascara, because I think that doesn't look quite good. I like this mascara because it makes my lashes long, but thin. A lot of mascaras make them stick together and I think that's a bit too much when just going to school. It's the perfect every day mascara.
I would definitely be lost without my eyelash brush by Sephora, because my eyelashes tend to stick together like crazy!  Another thing I wouldn't go abroad without is my pair of tweezers. I've tried a lot of different ones, and I liked this pink Sephora tweezers most. You can't really see it on the photo, but it's bent near the silver bits, which I find quite handy. 
Aand my golden eye shadow by Catrice. It's one of the colours I use most, when I wear eyeshadow, because most of the time I prefer light colours. When I wear dark colours, then it can get pretty black. A 9 on a scale from 1 to Taylor Momsen. But well... I love this eye shadow, because it looks a bit like gold foil. And gold foil is adorable!


My BOBBI BROWN Lip balm is not only perfect in winter, which will be here pretty soon, it's also perfect for summer, because it has a sun protection factor of 15! It doesn't really smell like anything, just a bit sweet if you try to smell it long enough. Oh and it has such a cute pale pink colour! 

And then there is my all-time favourite lipstick: Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel in the colour 17. I wear this lipstick on an every day basis because it's very natural. Also I adore its smell!! 
But I think that all lipsticks smells heavenly. 

I think you can see the colour better on this one. I would personally describe it as dusty pink.


There are three tings i need for my skin. And I really don't like wearing make-up. When I wear make-up, I feel like one of those painting with really thick paint on them. And that's not the best feeling. Although, sometimes I do wear make-up, but only when I go clubbing.
First I use the "dr. feelgood" refiner by BeneFit. It makes your skin look matte, and not all oily and horrible. After that I use my BB cream by Garnier. BB cream is the best invention when it comes to toned creams, because it also is moisturising and not as thick as make-up.
And last but not least I use my MAC Studio Finish Concealer to hide for example dark circles around the eyes. When I first bought this, I was a bit sceptical, because I had always only used liquid concealers, but it's great, I love it!


Apart from things to shorten my nails there are only two things I really need for my hands. My hand cream and my nail fertilizer.
I've mentioned that nail fertilizer by butter London in a blogpost before, because I always wear it underneath other nail polishes or on its own. It dries really quickly and it really does strengthen your nails! And the best hand cream I've ever owned is this one by L'Occitane. It has a realy lovely smell, that kind of reminds me of something, but I don't know what... But anyways: I totally recommend it. It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny!

These were my beauty essentials that I brought to England. Hope you saw something you liked and might pick up next time when you're shopping!

Have a nice evening

x Sophie.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013


A few weeks ago I kind of went a bit crazy on NASTY GAL and yesterday I got the result of my craziness: my parcel arrived! I was really excited, too excited to open it. So I opened it this morning, and I can tell you: I'M IN LOVE! I really feel like I have a talent for online-shopping (yes, I do realize how weird this sounds), but a lot of people are disappointed with the purchases they made online when they first see them in real life. I'm not like that. I always manage to choose things I like on pictures and in reality, when it comes to clothes. On the other hand, of course, I had some surprises too, when I opened my parcels: Funnily enough only with accessoires!
4 out of the 5 times it happened to me, it was something I bought from TOPSHOP. At this point I must admit that I wasn't disappointed by the items I got, I just didn't read the description properly. To be honest I never read the size guide. So now I habe two pairs of enormous earrings, a hair clip that I had imagined to be half the size and a bag that I wanted to use as a schoolbag, which turned out to be a small and elegant bag for going out.
So my advice for online-shopping: always read the description!!!
And what would my online purchase be without something the turned out bigger than I had thought it would? This time it's an armcuff which I had mistaken for a ring. But this just happened because I liked it straight away, so I didn't bother looking at some more photos... But well. It looks amazing as armcuff!

Oh how much I love the way Nasty Gal wraps their things. Isn't alone the box adorable? It just makes me happy with all these lips and the wrapping paper. Huch, so pretty!
Enough about the wrapping! Here's what was inside this magic box!

Dusted Bomber Jacket by ARK & CO.

Isn't it precious?! Actually there's only one answer: It totally is!! It might be hard to combine (I'll soon find out), but personally I think that the pieces hardest to wear are the best ones, because they're special!
Something I find really tasteful about this jacket is the usage of materials. The front and the back are a glittering fabric, on the website described as "metallic silver and gold damask stichting", which sounds pretty fancy. The shoulders are vegan leather and the sleeves are made of chiffon.
It also has to pockets, with zippers, which I find quite handy!

Damage Control Dress by REVERSE

There are people who buy dresses they don't need for events they don't go to. I'm proud to say: I'm one of these people. I won't really have an opportunity to wear that dress soon, but hey, dresses don't spoil! I can always wear it in spring or summer! The only thing that I'm not too sure about, is the fact that the top bit of the dress is transparent. But that's a problem easy to solve: Wear something underneath! Because the combination of chiffon and black fabric really looks gorgeous!

Scene Cemetary Muscle Tank by EVIL TWIN

Two things I love; combined: skulls and muscle tees! When I was looking at it online, I didn't notice that these "eyes" on the sides are lilac, but I find that pretty cute! Another thing I didn't notice, is that the fabric has varicolored little parts on it! The more I look at this tank, the more I like it, to be honest! It's pretty casual, so I don't think it'll be difficult to combine! I think I'll wear this tomorrow... It's so nice!

Body Electric Swimsuit by MOTEL ROCKS

A few years ago, I never ever would've thought that I would eeever wear a swimsuit. I used to think that Bikinis were the only thing acceptable. But luckily, opinions change and people get wiser. As I mentioned above, I really like the combination of see-through and thicker fabrics, so this swimsuit was a must-have for me!
I'm well aware that the last photo looks pretty creepy, but I didn't kill anyone, I'm just trying to show the stripes on the swimsuit.

Skeleton Grasp Cuff

Here it is: The armcuff that I had mistaken for a ring! Everyone must admit though, that in the first picture it really does look like a ring! But anyways... It looks cool either way. And not only - but especially - at Halloween! The only thing that is kinda hard is to take it off with only one hand. (I tried it whilst texting, it was almost impossible!)

Mesh Garter Leggings

Sooo... They look even more awkward when not being worn than I thought. Haha. But I promise they look great once they are worn! They kinda remind me of Taylor Momsen, maybe because they look like garters! I don't know if I'll be brave enough to wear them at school, but I really like them. 

Clean Cut Leggings by MILKYWAY

I've wanted leggings like that since a looong time, because I find they would look great with Doc Martens (at least they do in my mind). 
I thought of cutting some up myself, but I think that wouldn't be a great idea, because they might rip easier then. 
On the second photo I played with the effects a bit, because I wanted to make the holes more visible. But I kinda just turned my leggings brown... But well, they're black with rips.

Acid Rip Skinny Jeans by FLYING MONKEY

There's isn't much to say about these jeans. They're pretty awesome, that's all.

Shadow Line Leggings by MILKYWAY

And yet another example to show my love to fabric combos. These leggings are pretty cool as well, because of the stripes. And of course, if I want to be all black with see-through stripes, then I can totally wear them with the swimsuit! (Just kidding, I'd never do that! It would look awful I guess).

Jeffrey Campbell Foley Platform Bootie

If anyone out there happens to be a therapist or something similar, feel free to contact me and tell me how it is possible to fall in love with a pair of shoes. I'll try to explain it myself: BECAUSE THEY'RE FREAKING AWESOME AND YOU CAN'T HELP BUT LOVE THEM. 
Sorry. I get way to enthusiastic when it comes to shoes....

Sooo that was my haul... Hope you liked it, if you did:
I got everything on NASTY GAL
Just in case you want to go crazy too!

Nasty Gals Do It Better.
x Sophie. 

Friday, 11 October 2013


I want to make a statement with this post. A statement about band tees. Because it really annoys me when people wear band t-shirts when they're not fans. The worst thing is when they don't even know, it is a band; when they think it's a brand or something! In my eyes, band tees exist to express your love to a certain band. For example when two people meet in the middle of the street, both wearing t-shirts of the same band. I'm sure they will smile at one another more likely than when they'd just wear plain t-shirts! I really am covinced that band tees are a great way to pal up or just start conversations. So why would anyone want to wear a t-shirt from a band they don't listen to? I suppose that would entail some really awkward conversations! 

Excuse my weird hair, as you can see on the following photos, it was really cold and windy! 

( I guess you can see pretty good that I was freezing on that photo! )

Same old, same old. Yes. It is my beloved jeans jacket again!

I genuinely LOVE these leggings! They're not only really comfy and soft; they also have different shiny and mat patches on them. 

Blouse: Sparkle & Fade / Shirt: The Rock Collection / Leggings: BDG / Jacket: Urban Outfitters / Scarf: American Apparel / Shoes: OFFICE / Bracelets: H&M / Rings: TOPSHOP & Bijou Brigitte / Nailpolish: Urban Outfitters

So please, pick your band tees carefully! 
x Sophie.