Tuesday, 22 October 2013

My Essentials

When I moved to England one month ago, I couldn't take most of my things with me. So I had to choose very wisely what to take and what to leave behind. Of course it doesn't seem like that big of a deal, but it is for me, as I am a terribly indecisive person! I never know what I might need, so I rather take too many things with me, than being desperate because I forgot something I wanted to bring in the first place. And it wasn't only a decision about clothes, shoes or accessoires. When it came to elect my favourite beauty products, I was completely desperate, I must admit. Because I couldn't even take a quarter of the make-up I wanted to. So I had to fix on my absolute all-time favourites. And in this post I want to show you what I chose. And even though I couldn't only make up my mind on one lipstick or one mascara, I only allowed myself to choose one of each for this post. I also brought several eyeliners, but I don't really wear eyeliner very often, so I wouldn't call it an essential.

First of all. My favourite body lotion in the entire world:
BIOTHERM Oil Therapy

There are two main reasons why I love this lotion so much. Firstly it dries very quick, which I find is the most important thing when it comes to body lotion. Secondly it smells so adorable! I wouldn't know how to describe this scent, but it's simply perfect. Also it's a really big bottle, so it lasts pretty long. I didn't take with me when I came here, because it was almost empty, but now I'm really happy to have one again. I just can't live without it.

My number one perfume:
Flora by Gucci

I already have this perfume since a few years and every time I bought a different one, I still ended up buying this one once again. So now, 3 perfume bottles later, it's still my all-time favourite. I even bought a little Travalo-like thing so that I can always carry it around with me. It's really very handy. And it comes with 3 (or four, I don't really remember) little refill bottles. 
If you've ever smelt Flora, you'll know why I love it so much!

What's inside my make-up bag?

Love my striped make-up bag by Henri Bendel New York!


The mascara I used at the moment is called Babydoll by YSL and I have it in black. I never use any other colours than black mascara, because I think that doesn't look quite good. I like this mascara because it makes my lashes long, but thin. A lot of mascaras make them stick together and I think that's a bit too much when just going to school. It's the perfect every day mascara.
I would definitely be lost without my eyelash brush by Sephora, because my eyelashes tend to stick together like crazy!  Another thing I wouldn't go abroad without is my pair of tweezers. I've tried a lot of different ones, and I liked this pink Sephora tweezers most. You can't really see it on the photo, but it's bent near the silver bits, which I find quite handy. 
Aand my golden eye shadow by Catrice. It's one of the colours I use most, when I wear eyeshadow, because most of the time I prefer light colours. When I wear dark colours, then it can get pretty black. A 9 on a scale from 1 to Taylor Momsen. But well... I love this eye shadow, because it looks a bit like gold foil. And gold foil is adorable!


My BOBBI BROWN Lip balm is not only perfect in winter, which will be here pretty soon, it's also perfect for summer, because it has a sun protection factor of 15! It doesn't really smell like anything, just a bit sweet if you try to smell it long enough. Oh and it has such a cute pale pink colour! 

And then there is my all-time favourite lipstick: Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick by Rimmel in the colour 17. I wear this lipstick on an every day basis because it's very natural. Also I adore its smell!! 
But I think that all lipsticks smells heavenly. 

I think you can see the colour better on this one. I would personally describe it as dusty pink.


There are three tings i need for my skin. And I really don't like wearing make-up. When I wear make-up, I feel like one of those painting with really thick paint on them. And that's not the best feeling. Although, sometimes I do wear make-up, but only when I go clubbing.
First I use the "dr. feelgood" refiner by BeneFit. It makes your skin look matte, and not all oily and horrible. After that I use my BB cream by Garnier. BB cream is the best invention when it comes to toned creams, because it also is moisturising and not as thick as make-up.
And last but not least I use my MAC Studio Finish Concealer to hide for example dark circles around the eyes. When I first bought this, I was a bit sceptical, because I had always only used liquid concealers, but it's great, I love it!


Apart from things to shorten my nails there are only two things I really need for my hands. My hand cream and my nail fertilizer.
I've mentioned that nail fertilizer by butter London in a blogpost before, because I always wear it underneath other nail polishes or on its own. It dries really quickly and it really does strengthen your nails! And the best hand cream I've ever owned is this one by L'Occitane. It has a realy lovely smell, that kind of reminds me of something, but I don't know what... But anyways: I totally recommend it. It's a bit pricey, but worth every penny!

These were my beauty essentials that I brought to England. Hope you saw something you liked and might pick up next time when you're shopping!

Have a nice evening

x Sophie.

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